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If you are having trouble with Alcohol, and would like to do something about it, then please visit the Official Alcoholics Anonymous Website. There you can find information for meetings in your area. A link is provided below.

Our Goal....
To provide a place to search and gather information for those interested in the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and it's roots. 

We love the History of AA and hope your interest grows more than ours has.

North Carolina...
We hope to put together some information as pertaining to our local area. Here is a start.

District 13 Workshop Booklet 5/08

Lecture 29 - Bill W. PDF - HTML

Bill W talks about visit to Shelby, NC   

AA Today    

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Official Website of Alcoholics Anonymous
Official Site of Alcoholics Anonymous

Official Site of the AA Grapevine
Official Site of AA Grapevine

Official Al-anon / Alateen Website
Official Alanon & Alateen Site

Current list of sites the search engine will search. Contact us if there is a site you would like to be added.

Feel free to take a few minutes and browse the sites as well by clicking on the link. 

AA History Lovers
AA Muncie

Various online groups.

AA History Lovers - Large yahoo group sharing information on AA history.

GSO Watch - Yahoo Group - Website

Recovery Chat Room


Old room - Still active

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Grapevine publication on AA's 25th Birthday in 1960. Now out of print, offered for a limited time.
See column on left.


We are working on this information. However, at the same time we are setting up a new site with new software so be sure to check back. We hope to have the new pages up by April 24, which will be our 7 year anniversary online.
Who is interested in Alcoholics Anonymous History and it's roots? First off we would like to mention that much of the substance of the twelve step program were some of the principles practiced by by the Oxford Group. The Oxford Group, or OG, was a Christian movement which started in the early 1900's by Founder Frank N.D. Buchman.

It was the early members of what later became know as Alcoholics Anonymous, which first compiled the solution to a common problem, as we know is the Twelve Steps. Today, there are hundreds of 12 Step programs that target individual aliments, which gives them the strength, from their own common problem and on to the spiritual remedy that liberalizes them from what once had defeated them.

There are a number of Twelve Step Programs which many of us are familiar with other than AA. Some of them are Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Overeaters Anonymous (OA), Al-anon, Gamblers Anonymous (GA) and the list goes on.

Much of the information you will find here refers to the beginnings of Alcoholics Anonymous which was the first "12 Step" program. The 12 Steps are copyright by Alcoholics Anonymous and we have not heard of them turning down permission to publish the 12 steps and apply them to their own aliments. In the future we may add a page for posting links and work toward some history involving other 12 step programs.

For now, we only have to time to build on the pre-AA history and include pages in our search engine for individual histories of AA in their communities, states, and so on. Feel free to contact us (on left column) if you  have any suggestions or comments.

Where are the study groups? We would like to find out how many study groups there may be out there dealing with AA or Oxford Group literature.

Some of the types of groups I'm interested may include the following: 

  • AA Comes of Age
  • Pass It On
  • Dr. Bob and the Good Old Timers
  • For Sinners Only 
  • What is the Oxford Group?
  • When Man Listens

I hear from time to time a few people reading these outside of regular scheduled meetings. We would like to get the word out so that others might join or even start their own. I know I've tried a couple times here and there but I just don't have the interest around me. 

Maybe some of you might be interested in starting your own little group but don't know where to start. 

Perhaps those of you that do can share with us some of the following:

  • What books have you studied
  • How you conduct the study 
  • How often you get together (weekly, twice a month, etc.)

We will not post personal information on this page. We would like to post locations and types of books studied in the left column and will forward request. If you are interested in starting one we could include that. We might even set up some type of discussion board if there is enough interest.


Do you have history information pertaining to your local area? Do you have information you would like to share about AA, Oxford Group or other related topics? You can easily create your own website. There are many sites that offer free webpages. I have tried a few out and of the ones I've tried, I found that webs.com and weebly.com to be the easiest to work with. Even if you don't have experience, you shouldn't have much problem at all. 
Search dozens of AA History Sites. Alcoholics Anonymous, Oxford Group and more. 
If you have any local history sites for your area, feel free to submit them. You can contact us by clicking the "CONTACT US" link in the left hand column.
If you have any other suggestions... feel free to let us know.

If you would like to submit a site to this search engine, feel free to contact us with your suggested sites and we will do our best to get it included. This includes sites you find with AA history, it doesn't have to be your site. We are also interested in submitting sites with local history and information. The object is to have a search engine to find something and not have thousands of useless and non related matches.

Some sites may have commercial interest or advertising and that is fine, however, we are interested in submitting sites primarily for history content.  If you would like to link with aastuff.com, or have a commercial site you would like placed in the bottom of the left column,  contact us with your interest. 

*** A list of current sites in search engine can be found in the left column.

Here is a list of links to pages that we find interest in. They may be temperance, AA, Oxford Group or other relations. We do not necessarily agree with content on these pages, they are merely hear for informational purposes and sometimes amusement.
This is a work in progress for sure.. Be sure to check or feel free to notify me of more links/names.

AA Bulletins -The first 4 starting in November 1940 sent from "The Alcoholic Foundation" (National Headquarters of Alcoholics Anonymous) CLICK HERE FOR PDF FILE

A LAYMAN WITH A NOTEBOOK  What is the Oxford Group? 


ALLEN, JAMES  An unrewarded genius. -- As A Man Thinketh

AREA 64 Area 64 Archive Website in Tennessee has lots of photos from Archive Workshops and more.

ARTHUR, T. S. - Temperance Author from the 19th Century. A Washingtonian, and story teller. Wikipedia -- Jim Braddock's Pledge -- The Broken Pledge  -- Coffee vs. Brandy -- The Temperance Song  -- The Temperance Pledge  -- LIST. Complete list from this site

BACH, MARCUS Strange Sects and Curious Cults Chapter on Oxford Groups

BACK TO BASICS -click here

BIG BOOK BUNCH sober.org -Big Book Bunch - Online step study with Sobriety Topics as well.

BUCHMAN, FRANK N. D. Wikipedia

CLARK, GLENN (1882 - 1956)  Founder of "The Camps Farthest Out"

CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER - Cleveland Plain Dealer Articles List of articles from 1939

DAILY, STARR  Love Can Open Prison Doors - Personal Redemption 

DRUMMOND, HENRY  A Memorial Sketch by W. Robertson Nicoll  -- The Life and Work of Prof. Henry Drummond, F.R.S.E., F.G.S. by the Rev Finlay Stewart --  The Greatest Thing in the World c1880 Another Link  


FOX, EMMET Wikipedia  -- Biography  --   emmetfox.net

GRAPEVINES 1944-1948 - CLICK HERE The AA Grapevine was first produced in June 1944 in a more newspaper style format. Complete set is reproduced here in pdf format. 


INITIATIVES OF CHANGE  Initiatives of Change - USA Site - UK Site - Initiatives of Change is formally known as Moral Re-armament, Oxford Groups, First Century Christian Movement. 

KITCHEN, V.C. I Was A Pagan  

LAWRENCE (BROTHER) - Practicing the Presence 

LEON, PHILIP The Philosophy of Courage or The Oxford Group Way

MARCH OF TIME - Early Public Information video on AA in 1946. CLICK HERE

MORE REVEALED - click here

This site may have views that differ from you.

PEABODY, RICHARD The Common Sense of Drinking - 1931

PICTURE GALLERIES  AA Gallery - dozens of Related history pictures.

** NEW ** ROSE, CECIL - When Man Listens  ...This is a new website. You can read the text in its entirely online. Also, they are offering reprinted copies at a very low price while quantities last.

RUSSELL, A. J.    For Sinners Only 





Rent a Sponsor 

T., EBBY   Brief Bio..

The 21 Best Movie Alcoholics of All Time

THE JAY WALKER- www.thejaywalker.com - Some more information for you.

THE ORANGE PAPERS click here - One Man's Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous -An Online Book by Secret Agent Orange. Warning, you might not agree with the views on this site.

TWO LISTENERS  God Calling  -- God at Eventide 

WALTER, HOWARD [pdf file] Soul Surgery 

WILSON, BILL (Bill W.) Wikipedia




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